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Five Fingers Ep 25 Eng Sub

Five Fingers Episode 25 Eng Sub

"Five Fingers" is about four people who each have their own tragedies to overcome in order to achieve their dreams. A chaebol family that manufactures musical instruments has two sons that play the piano - the oldest has extraordinary natural musical talent, but must find a way to overcome his family's tragic history. His younger stepbrother is not a natural piano talent and has to constantly work at his playing, but because of said tragic accident goes through life jealous of his older brother and will try to find a way to regain what he claims is his birthright. A young girl also dreamed of being a concert pianist, but a tragic fire shatters that dream and she ends up working at a restaurant instead. But holding over all is the mother who although gave birth to one son, cared for the other more in order to fulfill her own lost dreams of being the best pianist in the world.

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